“Explorer Unit Delta: dropship entering atmosphere now. Be advised that local flora and fauna are undocumented and may prove hostile. Mission parameters are to make contact with Survivors and establish communication with the Orbital Station. Decay readings are high: be prepared for significant technological malfunction. Landing site approach commencing: Planetfall in 3… 2… 1.”

- Transmission from the Drop Pod “No Time Like The Present”

In a galaxy united by communication and powered by the work of the Galactic Cooperation, a civilisation driven by the need to expand and connect people across the stars, the idea of a Star System being cut off and isolated is unimaginable. For a borderland system reliant on imports and communications from the Central Systems it's unthinkable. And should the unimaginable or unthinkable happen? Well, to take advantage of that for political or material gain? That would be unconscionable…“

- Private log of X. Grace, Mystic Divine, Chaplain of Orion Station, Keter System

SYSTEM ERROR - Interstellar Gate offline.  Cause of error: Unknown.  Divining cause of error... 

- Repeating message from the “Orion Station” Gate Heart aboard the sole Interstellar Gate into Keter system


Welcome to Planetfall, the Oxford LARP Society weekly linear LARP which began in 2022, in which Players play stranded explorers in a borderlands space system cut off from the rest of their galaxy. Alone, they must stay alive until rescue can be achieved, and combat the threats - both from their environment and from themselves - on vastly unmapped and inhospitable planets. Planetfall is now entering its final stretch of adventures, aiming to wrap up in June 2024, but our weekend linears are still open to anyone!

Linears take place every Saturday at 11am in Shotover Country Park (with people arriving from about 10.30am, What3Words location 'venue.begin.change') and will continue into the afternoon ending around 4-5pm at the latest. No kit, equipment, or costume is required - just bring yourself along (and something to eat, while we don't do communal food during the pandemic)! The first three events are free, after which Oxford LARP Society Membership is required.

Join the OLS Discord to find out more and get in touch, or email!

Linears take the form of missions foraying from the safety of the orbiting fleet of ships into the depths of the worlds, or on the ships themselves, and Players actively influence the rules and structure of their community of Survivors while seeking rescue and survival.

To get a feel for what the game is about, we recommend looking at the following pages:

The schedule below shows the adventures currently planned from January to June 2024, as the system and its open plots are gradually wrapped up. The Ref-run adventures during this time will have their subject matter advertised well in advance, and player availability will be checked via Discord closer to the time to attempt to make sure that characters with interest in a particular piece of plot are able to be played. However, the Saturday slots between these missions can be filled by others who want to explore other parts of the setting or wrap up non-ref plot they care about. (Note: open plot threads which have already been requested to be closed out can be found on the Endgame Plot Threads page.)

If you would like to run a mission, please do get in touch with the Refs by contacting or tagging them in the Planetfall channel on Discord to claim a date. Once you have a date you can edit the details here.

If you would like a user account, please again contact

Date GM Threat Level Title IC Location Brief
2024-01-13 James&Susannah Medium Conflict Resolution Firebrand-TE3 / Ace's World / Her Glorious Command As peace talks begin between Ace's World and Her Glorious Command, the Mytenean Social Corps want to make sure a peaceful resolution is reached.
2024-01-20 NO PLANETFALL
2024-01-27 James&Susannah Low-Medium Five There Were Kylal What new Pentagonal mysteries lie buried under Kylal?
2024-02-03 NO PLANETFALL
2024-02-10 James&Susannah Medium Moving On Endeavour Debris Field Endeavour seeks help with a personal matter.
2024-02-17 (Note: refs unlikely to be available)
2024-02-24 (Note: no refs available)
2024-03-02 James&Susannah Medium Final Chance Siruta Violet Afterburn needs a crewmate rescuing. Why does this interest the Elegy?
2024-03-09 NO PLANETFALL (cancelled due to sickness) Phil TBD: Craruan Experimental Weapons Facilty (ft. Volcanostone), pt1 Siruta Following up on a Mystery Drone seen fleeing the scene of an experimental weapons test in Crarua
2024-03-16 NO PLANETFALL
2024-03-23 NO PLANETFALL (cancelled due to site closure) James&Susannah Medium Call of the Deep Mytene Aspexx has a project in Civilia.
2024-03-30 (note: Easter weekend)
2024-04-13 Phil TBD: Craruan Weapons Facility, pt2 Siruta (Content variable depending on outcome of pt1)
2024-04-20 James&Susannah TBD: Placeholder
2024-04-27 EMPIRE E1
2024-05-11 James&Susannah TBD: Placeholder
2024-06-01 James&Susannah High TBD: Endgame Part I
2024-06-08 James&Susannah High TBD: Endgame Part II
2021/12/31 20:09 · katie

We welcome feedback! Please get in touch at or if you would prefer to give anonymous feedback please use this Google Form.

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